The first day of Spring has arrived and what a beautiful day it was. I have been pretty busy the past few weeks… working in a garden (as well as the Hammac Hostel farm), doing some design work for a yoga studio, and trying to create some fun “Spring” additions to the TreeBed Shop.

Much of what I have made in the past months has been in a spirit of “Spring Cleaning”. Over the years the studio had been collecting many partially finished projects, “test pieces”, and random artifacts. In one case, Chad had carved these neat little clay reliefs, but the glaze had not “popped” as intended… I found them tucked away in the studio, forgotten… and a little dusty. I decided these beautiful pieces needed a second chance, and so they got a glaze touch up, mounted on a piece of “wine wood” and some wire accents as a TreeBed touch. It was actually quite a therapeutic process to bring this old piece to new life. I found acceptance in seeing the unfinished projects around the studio (which I often viewed as my failures) as opportunities… reminders of my own need to be present, and see the work as a progression… a path.

I hope you take a little time to browse through the shop, and perhaps even pick up something for your next special gift to give. Enjoy the beginnings of Spring!