I’m always looking for creative ways to bring collaboration into my process… that might be taking inspiration/elements from nature, or working with a chef to make just the right plate for their culinary delights. It might be holding space for someone’s grief… working with them to infuse memories and intention into a container to fit their needs. No matter what the creative task, it usually will be a blend of organic/handmade character… as well as skillful execution of functionality (value) and design. 

Q: Do you do wholesale? What is the min?

A: Yes, a lot of my work is wholesale to restaurants, wineries, and breweries. I have a line of products that I have developed in collaboration with some of the best industry folks in the Bay Area… and those can be tailored to fit a variety of unique spaces/brands. I can also help develop a new item, or signature piece for your business. The minimum is generally around 30 pieces, but can very.

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: Yes, I can often tailor a piece in a variety of ways to fit your needs, but there are some limitations. I have done unique pieces for events, and special occasions... as well as commissions. Helpful info to know upfront is: Budget, timeframe, and whether you have something specific you are wanting me to make (collaborating to create your vision, in my style), or are interested in having my artistic guidance and inspiration shape the piece.

Q: Can you make a piece like this _____ ?

A: Maybe. I work in a variety of styles, and have a wide range… However, it is not always cost efficient to go too far outside of what I do, and clay is often unpredictable (as well as slow going in the R&D department). I am always happy to kick around ideas.

Q: Do you design logos and/or graphic projects (signs, posters, packaging)?

A: Yes! Some of my deepest creative roots are in graphic design, and I love to take on special projects! I am most likely to work with people who are interested in diving deep into a wholistic approach to their logo... creating a container to draw out something authentic to the project. I have a unique style that tries to find a balance between organic elements, and clean (slightly off beat) design foundations.  I've done logos, business branding, wedding invitations, and a whole lot more. I can even help add your logo to a ceramic piece!

Q: Do you have a store I can visit?

A: YES... the TBD Showroom is open in downtown Vallejo! Hours are limited. We are open every 2nd Friday for Vallejo Art Walk, and most Saturdays during the farmers market (10-2ish). You can also make an appointment to come by other hours, and keep an eye out for more on the way!

TBD Showroom - 409 Virginia St. Vallejo, CA  

You can also interact with my work (and the delicious food/beverages that come with them) at these amazing places: Mare Island Brewing Co. (Vallejo), Compline (Napa), Katz Farm (Napa), Donum Estate (Sonoma), Stone Edge Farm (Sonoma). Napa Valley Private Tours (Napa), Winston's (Napa), Harper Haus (Napa), Naysayer Coffee (Napa),