TreeBed Design offers a variety of firing services. Currently, we are firing in our SKUTT 1027-3 but we will also list our other kiln rental offerings at a later date. Please email Kristin (loveyaahmore@gmail.com) for more information or if you have any questions.
  • Order Form

    • We are firing in a SKUTT 1027-3 which allows for 22" L x 22" W x 27" H or 6.4 cubic feet.
    • If you are firing a **Single Piece** please calculate the Length x Width x Height and enter the total cubic inches. For all standard **Single Pieces** the $.03/cubic inch price includes a bisque and glaze fire for that piece.
    • All work will be reviewed and approved by our team and we will discuss the final invoice.
    • All payment must be completed upon drop-off. Prices are indicated in the grid below according to Firing Type. Final cost and payment will be handled by Micah directly.
    • Please contact Kristin or Micah to discuss any SPECIAL FIRINGS (Programmed, Luster, etc.)
  • Low Fire - Bisque ^05

    (Full $140/Half $70/Quarter $35)
    Low Fire - Glaze ^05

    (Full $140/Half $70/Quarter $35)
    Mid Fire - ^5 with a 1-min hold

    (Full $200/Half $100/Quarter $50)
  • Clay and Glaze Material Information

  • Treebed Design WILL NOT ACCEPT OR FIRE:

    • Greenware that has been glazed
    • Flammable materials inside clay (e.g. paper clay, metal, decals)
    • Pieces that are not bone dry
    • Pieces that may explode during firing (e.g. hollow forms with no air hole, wet greenware)
    • Pieces more than 1" thick
    • Individual pieces weighing more than 40lbs
    • Pieces that contain unknown or questionable materials (e.g. unknown clay or glaze maturing temperature)
  • Special Instructions


    Firing may take up to two weeks or more during busy times. If this needs to be completed within 5 days, this is considered a RUSH ORDER and there is an additional $50 rush fee. No single firings. Once the work is fired, we will call or text you for pickup. Please pick up work as soon as possible as space is limited at your studio. WORK LEFT LONGER THAN 60 DAYS after firing will be discarded.

    TreeBed Design is not responsible for fired results or damage of any kind. We reserve the right to refuse to fire any work. Customer assumes full responsibility for the replacement and or repair of any TreeBed Design equipment damaged during the firing such as glaze on shelves and or kiln damage. Turn-around firing time is approximated and we cannot be held to a promised date.
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