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  • Light.

TreeBed Design is the umbrella under which I organize the many projects I find myself involved with. I make much of the work you see here, but you will also find the talents and skills of friends I work with (or just admire what they do). You will find products that I use in my everyday life, either at home or at one of the businesses that I am involved with.

I have a home studio located in Vallejo, CA. The studio runs on solar power, and I am passionate about sustainable design. Whenever I can, I work with found materials (a way of giving new life to an object), and use methods that keep both people and planet in mind.

My goal is to create items that have a story that can be told for many generations… treasures to hold onto, and share. Much of my work follows a Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, and will hopefully grow more beautiful as it’s story continues to be told.

e-mail with any questions- Micah @ TreeBedDesign.com

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