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My name is Micah, and TreeBed Design is where you can find many of my creative outlets. I make most of the work you see here, but you will also find the talents/skills of friends I work with (or admire what they do)... as well as products I source to compliment TBD creations. 

LATEST NEWS: (4/2024) - Winter/Spring  Newsletter 

I am back in Vallejo, and folding in creative projects in my Vallejo spaces (including my new studio). It has been quite a past few years dealing with moving from my home/studio of 14 years (Vallejo), and then losing nearly everything in the wild fires of Northern California (2017)... then pandemic shutdown! Things are starting to settle down and move forward. Look for new items showing up in the shop and more opportunities to stop by the Vallejo showroom (or pop-up events out in the wild). 

My intention is to create items that have a story that can be passed on for many generations… treasures to hold onto, and share... from my hands to yours.

e-mail with any questions- Micah @ TreeBedDesign.com

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