What to do with a new decade… well, I hope to do a lot. My past decade has been filled with lots of things (good and not-so good). I have learned so much through random jobs, travels (such as my permaculture course in Belize), and working through deep personal grief. It was not an easy 10 years. However, I survived… and I have come out the other side with so many experiences. I feel (and hope) the next 10 years (and beyond) will be used gaining focus to sort these things out, and use the potential that lies beneath the surface of experience.

Why is this something I would share as a part of TreeBed Design? Because, ultimately my (and I would guess most) design comes out of experience and the reaction to that experience. You will begin to see many products arriving in the shop with direct relation to my experience, and design that grew out of it.

So in this new decade… I hope to re-awaken energy, and let the composting of old experiences build up the nutrients for new growth. It would be a pleasure to see you along the way!