Shelter in Place Stripes - Blk Canvas set of Two

I guess you could say I am in a "stripes period"... it started with a wall in my studio/living space during the first months of "shelter in place" times of Covid-19, and has transitioned onto canvas (among other things). 

In the "stripes" I found that working the relationship of color, edge and design was the right mix for my creative energy during these strange/hard times. The playful problem solving with the stripes brought both joy... as well as allowed me to make progress on something simple (a needed element to battle isolation and anxiety). 

As I continue to pull on this creative thread... Look through the multiple versions of the "stripe series" to find something fun for your wall, or inquire about custom color possibilities! Have fun hanging these in a variety of orientations!

Black Canvas set of Two (framed):

approx - 12.5" x 9.5" x 1.5"

This was my first stripes on black canvas, and I love how the color interact in such different ways! The rustic framing on one of these has unique little add on bits to put some recycled wood to use, and finished off with the copper nails on all sides.

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$ 150.00 USD