Lunar Tumbler Pair

I Love how these Lunar Series Tumblers feel in the hand… I’m a sucker for interesting textures while I enjoy my beverage!  

Here is a cute little pair with hand carved dimples/craters/etc. These are great for your cappuccino, or favorite cold beverage. 

Shipping or Pick up available (Napa/Vallejo)

clay body: Moroccan Sand

glaze: Oat (matte) exterior with darker details, and Amber (gloss) interior/lip. 

size: (set of two) 6oz., 3" - h

character: slip cast tumblers from hand thrown original... hand carved details, unique glaze layering

more?: maybe! This tumbler is repeatable for customized order/set, but will have slight variations.

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$ 50.00 USD $ 40.00 USD