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It has been a busy year in the coffee world for me (thus things are a little neglected in the shop here)... However, I wanted to fill people in on some of the adventures that I have been up to, and signal new energy (and items) coming into the shop soon!

Tonight I will have the opportunity to talk about a trip to Honduras that I took with my coffee family Ritual Coffee Roasters. I was one of a handful of employees that was taken to Honduras to visit some of the farms we work with. It was an amazing opportunity to see the origin of coffee that I have served, and fill in the missing piece of how coffee gets to the cup. I have been working in the world of coffee for over 10 years, and it was truly and honor to see where the whole thing starts. The mountains of Honduras are certainly a picturesque location to deepen my own understanding of my coffee community.

I will be sharing about my experience on Slow Living Radio tonight between 7pm-8pm (and will be archived at some point I believe). The show is hosted by one of our lovely customers in Yountville! Check it out, and check back soon for new items in the shop!

Last Summer I put together a Kickstarter project to complete several projects, and leverage that change in the best way possible for my life. One of the big pieces of the project was to finish a home recording of my own music and print a CD. I am happy to say that after a long journey, lots of learning, growing and support from beautiful people... it is done. I am happy to be sharing my Bag of Simple CD with you. 


I am recording under the name MedicineBow... I hope you check it out, and follow along as I dig into this new outlet for creativity.

It is once again Spring time, and that means I have been busy! The rythm of the seasons always seems to guide my creativity and work flow. The Winter time is often when I hunker down and get work done. I enjoy my solitude during this time, and do my best to balance work with rest (recharge). This Winter has been dedicated to my music, and finishing off my home recorded CD (Bag of Simple). It has been a long journey to finish this CD... learning, tinkering, progressing for 10 years! Bag of Simple will be an album collecting a selection of my first attempts to tell my story through songs. I am excited to share this project with you, and also to refresh this shop (which I have been working on as well)!


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You can now use PayPal to purchase items from TreeBed Design!

Don't forget to check out all the Fall fun in the shop...

Ok... back to the studio... been working to add lots of new items soon. 

New items going up in the shop starting next week…

What to do with a new decade… well, I hope to do a lot. My past decade has been filled with lots of things (good and not-so good). I have learned so much through random jobs, travels (such as my permaculture course in Belize), and working through deep personal grief. It was not an easy 10 years. However, I survived… and I have come out the other side with so many experiences. I feel (and hope) the next 10 years (and beyond) will be used gaining focus to sort these things out, and use the potential that lies beneath the surface of experience.

Why is this something I would share as a part of TreeBed Design? Because, ultimately my (and I would guess most) design comes out of experience and the reaction to that experience. You will begin to see many products arriving in the shop with direct relation to my experience, and design that grew out of it.

So in this new decade… I hope to re-awaken energy, and let the composting of old experiences build up the nutrients for new growth. It would be a pleasure to see you along the way!

The first day of Spring has arrived and what a beautiful day it was. I have been pretty busy the past few weeks… working in a garden (as well as the Hammac Hostel farm), doing some design work for a yoga studio, and trying to create some fun “Spring” additions to the TreeBed Shop.

Much of what I have made in the past months has been in a spirit of “Spring Cleaning”. Over the years the studio had been collecting many partially finished projects, “test pieces”, and random artifacts. In one case, Chad had carved these neat little clay reliefs, but the glaze had not “popped” as intended… I found them tucked away in the studio, forgotten… and a little dusty. I decided these beautiful pieces needed a second chance, and so they got a glaze touch up, mounted on a piece of “wine wood” and some wire accents as a TreeBed touch. It was actually quite a therapeutic process to bring this old piece to new life. I found acceptance in seeing the unfinished projects around the studio (which I often viewed as my failures) as opportunities… reminders of my own need to be present, and see the work as a progression… a path.

I hope you take a little time to browse through the shop, and perhaps even pick up something for your next special gift to give. Enjoy the beginnings of Spring!