Bag of Simple CD

The first solo CD from Micah under the name MedicineBow... Bag of Simple is the soundtrack to the personal journey of singer-songwriter Micah Hammac over the past few years. His "simple songs" move through the complex waters of grief, love, loss, emerging, community, and the tender space that we all share as human beings. This is an album about packing (and unpacking) the "baggage" that we all carry, and intentionally choosing the pieces that serve us best... as well as loving and working with the patterns that may not be serving us any longer. Bag of Simple was intended to be a marker on the path of finding a new voice in this world, and learning how to share that voice with gratitude and grace.

This Indie Folk album was recorded by Micah in his home studio... guitars, banjo, harmonica, vocals, and thoughtful lyrics are all the work of Micah (MedicineBow). This was an opportunity for TreeBed Design to put many areas of interest into play... learning recording, working through songwriting, and more familiar territory such as design work/illustration (CD packaging).


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$ 10.00 USD