TBD Tuesday Tumbler #6-9-20

Each Tuesday you will find a unique, one-of-a-kind TreeBed Design Tumbler... right here (until it is gone)! Every week a different tumbler will be selected and featured. TBD Tuesday Tumblers will be different sizes, shapes and styles... meant to reflect all the wonderfully unique hands they might find themselves in. A brief description will be given, but part of the fun will be discovering the "personality" of the tumbler for yourself (assuming you are drawn to it enough to pull the trigger). 

UPDATE: I would like to turn Tumbler Tuesday into a weekly leverage point to support this shifting world we are in... specifically supporting community organizations in Vallejo working to create sustainable social and environmental shifts that lift up the vitality of all people. I am specifically looking for organizations led by BIPOC... please let me know if you have recommendations.

 Shipping or Pick up available (Napa/Vallejo)

This Week... 

clay body: porcelain 

glaze:  TBD Blue/Green  

size: 8oz+, 4" - h

character: A hand thrown tumbler with lovely curved lip (fits hand nicely), sturdy weight (helpful for warmer beverages), and the signature TBD Blue/Green glaze of the TBD 2.0 Tumblers! 

more?: possibly... parts of this tumbler is repeatable for customized order/set, but maybe be dependent on timing/quantity/etc. Lets talk!

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$ 30.00 USD