TBD Tuesday Tumbler #2-9-21

Each Tuesday you will find a unique, one-of-a-kind TreeBed Design Tumbler... right here (until it is gone)! Every week a different tumbler will be selected and featured. TBD Tuesday Tumblers will be different sizes, shapes and styles... meant to reflect all the wonderfully unique hands they might find themselves in. A brief description will be given, but part of the fun will be discovering the "personality" of the tumbler for yourself (assuming you are drawn to it enough to pull the trigger). 

Shipping or Pick up available (Napa/Vallejo)

This Week... 

clay body: Oriental Peal Porcelain  

glaze: Speckled Orange

size: 8oz, 4" - h

character: A past slip cast tumbler design that was sitting on the shelf waiting to be glazed (forever)... Satin white interior and a splash of color! Sturdy weight can handle hot beverages (although still use caution, and leave some room at the top to pick up)... great for other drinks too! 

more?: Possible 

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